Accessing RealSmart from Home

In order to access Realsmart (and therefore your g-drive documents, mail and calendar) from home, you do not need to access the VPN or even the school’s website. Just type the following straight into your internet browser address bar:

This applies to any computer or mobile device with an internet connection.

How to use RealSmart / Google Apps

If you are struggling to use RealSmart and Google Apps then please see this guide for how to use various functions.

Please check back regularly as this will be updated over the next week or so.

If you feel there is an item that needs adding to this guide then please drop an email and we will get it added


Network Support

Logging Into RealSmart

Please note that we are in the middle of the migration period for email from our on site servers to Google Mail servers. At this point in time all student mail has been migrated and we are working on the staff mail this week.

To gain access to your Email please use the login box on the right hand side using your username e.g – 07jbloggs and your realsmart password. If you have yet to login / use realsmart please ring 01403 787245 or email and we can sort you out a password. Once logged in click My Mail on the right hand side, this will then take you to your email. If this is the first time through this process it may ask you to sign in one or two times as you accept various bits of information, remember to use your realsmart password.


Staff – You should see any new mail you have received since the beginning of the weekend. The rest of your mail will slowly appear over the course of the week as we migrate the various users. If you have any issues then please drop us a phone call on the number above.



Max Dench

Network Support